I Believe the Human Body is the Perfect Machine capable of Taking us Well past our Lifetime.

And I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can achieve their perfect machine without any pain.

My Short Story

After jumping out of planes with over 100 pounds strapped to my legs, After constantly rucking over 12 miles in boots, and after 5.5 years of beating up my body for the Army, I developed herniated discs, bad hips, and more at the age of 25.

This pain kept me from getting back into a normal life. I wasn't able to play the sports I loved, I wasn't able to watch movies because my hips would flare up with pain, and so much more.

I tried everything the VA gave me, from the chiropractor, physical therapy, acupuncture, injections, and more, but nothing seemed to help me and my pain long term. I felt down, I lost all my confidence, and there wasn't anything that could help the pain.

As a veteran, I knew I wanted to become a trainer and was currently taking courses. Even though the pain spiked every now and then in class, it was worth it when I learned all about how our posture is created and how our pain is related.

It turns out that 9/10 of us will have some kind of chronic pain throughout our lifetime thanks to our posture. Too much sitting, typing, being on our phones, etc., can lead to improper posture. And with me, all the extra weight I carried in the Army exasperated my posture from bad to worse.

So when I learned about this concept, I began my self-care journey while learning from the experts. I figured the best way to learn how to stretch is to become someone who can teach it, So I studied yoga for 6 months to become a yoga teacher. I did the same for self-massage and took another 2 years to become an expert massage therapist.

I learned how the bodies are connected from different therapies like personal training, stretching, massage, and more. And not only did I relieve most of my pain; But I also began to see what's missing from our present system for relieving pain.

And that's why I'm on a mission to help as many people as I can improve their posture so they can get out of pain and do what they love.