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Alex had back pain for over ten years and was trying every suggestion made by his doctors. On top of his back pain, he also suffered a rear-end collision that skyrocketed his pain to the point he wasn't able to move.


Even after going through therapy to help with the car accident, Alex was still in a lot of pain and was told by his doctor this was the best he was going to get. After accepting this heart-wrenching news, Alex tried his best to live his normal life but couldn't because of his pain.

Life became 10x more difficult with the pain, from driving to and from work to performing his simple daily routine at home. The pain became so unbearable that Alex would try to avoid social gatherings with his family and friends at all costs because he knew he would be moody from the pain. As his pain continued to increase, his patience for those around him and himself decreased.

Being addicted to opioids at one point in his life, Alex didn't want to go down that road again but was quickly running out of options to get rid of his pain. That's when Alex and I met.

Alex got onto my newsletter one day when he was looking for solutions to stopping his pain. To keep it short, we exchanged a few emails and scheduled an in-person appointment.

Less than a month and a half later, Alex began seeing immediate progress with not only his pain level but also the frequency in which he felt it. Alex began to see his energy increase and his sleep improve. What once was a dreadful thought of driving to and from work became almost an excitement to enjoy the music and the ride.

Here's what Alex and I did for his pain. 

Beforehand, Alex followed his doctor's recommendations with 100% accuracy. If they said stretch, he stretched; If they said jump, he jumped, trusting his doctors knew what they were doing. "When I went to therapy, I just felt like I was one of the pack because it seemed like everyone there was doing the same exact thing."

That's why with Train and Massage, we make it personalized by performing assessments with every therapy session as opposed to just the first and last. We also make sure your session adapt with you depending on how your day was, how you're feeling, and based on the progress from the previous session.

During each session, we perform stretches, massage therapy, and strengthening exercises to not only eliminate your pain but also keep it from returning.

Alex "It's been a world of difference. I highly recommend it."

More than 6 Months Later and He is Still Rockin!

About the Author Adam

Adam is the owner of Train and Massage and has earned multiple certifications including Human Movement Specialist, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and More.

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