June 13

Eliminate Sciatica with these 9 Foam Rolling Techniques

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Many of us with Sciatica WILL end up developing a muscle imbalance within our body that almost always locks your pain in place. When we have a muscle imbalance, you end up with tight muscles that compress on the sciatic nerve and pull your L4-L5 disks out of place.

If you're interested in learning how sciatica and muscle imbalance go hand in hand, then click here for a quick read.

Believe it or not, by simply foam rolling the correct muscles (which you can find below), you can release the tight muscles causing your pain, allowing your L4-L5 disks to return to normal and your sciatic nerve to move freely.

Before you actually get into which muscles you should foam roll, read this real quick to learn how to get the most effective release using a foam roller.

Use the foam roller to SLOWLY search for a tender spot on the muscle you want to release. Once you find that tender spot, hold pressure there for 15-60 seconds. Make sure you are able to take deep breaths in and out while on that tender spot. The reason I say that is because when we are on a spot that hurts, we tend to hold our breath, and that will defeat the purpose of letting the muscle relax. If you can't relax, neither can your muscle.

  1. Piriformis
  2. Piriformis Pin and Stretch
  3. Hamstring
  4. Calves
  5. Calves Pin and Stretch
  6. Adductors
  7. Adductors Pin and Stretch
  8. Quads
  9. Quads Pin and Stretch

Make sure to go through and foam roll and release each muscle. Spend no less than 30 seconds per muscle.

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Adam is the owner of Train and Massage and has earned multiple certifications including Human Movement Specialist, Certified Massage Therapist, Certified Personal Trainer, Corrective Exercise Specialist, and More.

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