My Favorite Products

These are some of my favorite products and resources for relieving pain, getting stronger, and living a healthier life.

BlueDott Pillow From Zamat

The bluedot pillow is a versatile and customizable pillow designed to provide perfect support for the head and neck, promoting comfortable and pain-free sleep positions.

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Yo Gorilla Mat

The Gorilla Mat is a versatile and durable mat with a lifetime warranty, excellent grip, comfortable thickness, and a variety of sizes to choose from.

Wall Control

The wall control is a durable, customizable, and versatile storage system that can be used for various purposes, making it a great gift for any man who values organization and functionality.

D6 Massage Gun

The D6 Massage Gun from Bob and Brad is a standout massage gun for me as a therapist. It offers double the depth and 85 pounds of stall force. The OLED screen's depth meter helps to gauge penetration depth. It's adjustable, easy to grab, and has different speed modes. Overall, it's a great investment for self-care with excellent function and price.

MB5 Massage Ball

The MB5 massage ball by Trigger Point is a 5-inch tool that helps relieve tightness and restore movement in hard-to-reach muscles. It replicates the pressure of a skilled massage therapist's elbow and can be used on the glutes, hips, shoulders, and other areas for increased range of motion and improved muscle health.

Rush Foam Roller

The RUSH Roller is a textured foam roller with a squeeze and stretch design that shears muscle tissues, promoting range of motion and glide. It has firm, high ridges and tiered muscle compression for improved tissue hydration and elasticity. This Level 3 foam roller provides a total-body massage and perfect for the advanced user.

Body Back Buddy

The massage cane from body back buddy stands out for its exceptional durability, versatile shape for targeting specific areas, strategic placement of different knobs for muscle release, and ease of use, making it a top choice for relieving back pain.