Fix Your Thoracic Outlet Syndrome FAST In 3 Weeks or Less

Start the 21 Day TOS Challenge today to quickly get rid of your nervy shoulder and arm pain and get back to your healthiest self without going through surgery. 

Best money I've ever spent. This program solved my TOS issue after years of different doctor visits & therapy. Also gave me an understanding of what is going on within the body. THANK YOU!

Mike K

I really enjoyed this program. I have forward head posture and have been in pain for several years, going to doctors, physiotherapy, osteopaths, and nothing helped me. This program helps me relieve my pain and also become aware of where the biggest issues are. 

Adam knows what he is doing and this program is a valuable way of taking ownership of our health. I really recommend this program. 

Vânia L.

Although I still have TOS my symptoms are a lot less, in less pain and my neck is wanting to naturally move back in line with my spine rather than leaning forwards! 

I have learned alot from this program and am actually quite amazed so far.

I get the most relief from all the neck massages, mobility, and stretches and from all the back exercises. 


Exercise is NOT the best solution to fix your shoulder pain.

Are you waking up in the middle of the night with your entire arm going numb? Have you already tried working with your doctor with little to no results?

Here’s the thing. Having a pinched nerve in the shoulder is something you might be able to get away with today, but it's not something you can get away with in the near future.

Imagine for a moment...

Not being able to raise your arm above your hips to hold your kids or 10 pound dog because there's just too much pain in your shoulders.

Or getting into a car accident with your kids in the back because you can't turn your stiff neck to look behind you while driving.

Or spending years going through 2-5 surgeries because you still have constant pain that hasn't gone away and your doctor's only solution is to chop off more muscles or bones (This is more real than you think).

These are all real, life changing possibilities if you don’t address your TOS now. But hopefully you haven’t given up hope yet because I want to share my secret to becoming pain free on my own.

I was in a similar boat just like you.

To be honest, I didn't have TOS, instead I had lower back and hip pain. But just like you, I was going to the PT, getting injections, and taking pills with no success of feeling any different. Until one day I became sick of it and decided to take my body into my own hands.

So for 6 years, I studied different therapies and became certified in things like posture, corrective exercise, massage, and so much more. And it wasn't until I combined these different therapies into one system that I was able to finally see and feel a difference.

And it's because of this system that I’m now able to lift weights without having any pain, I’m now able to go on long drives without having to pull over every 30 minutes, and I’m now able to finally help my wife without feeling like a weak loser. 

Now of course I can’t just keep this system to myself. So, I put my system into the TOS Challenge so you too can have similar results.

The 21 Day TOS Challenge

The TOS Challenge is a 3 week, online program that walks you through the proper steps to quickly get rid of your thoracic outlet syndrome naturally using the 3R System, which is a step by step therapy that combines different treatments like massage and training in a specific order to get rid of your pain and keep it away for good in the fastest time possible.

I have to thank you. I was seriously contemplating ending my life do to excruciating, constant pain and despite seeing an endless amount of practitioners (most of them unaware of what TOS even is), these exercises have saved my life. I can sleep now. And I can see a future while I wait.

I already had an arm thrombosis but even so I have been on the waiting list for surgery for over 7 months now. Thank you. So much. Now I not only feel I can wait more, but I have a plan for after surgery because thinking it was a posture problem I needed some ways to fix my posture AFTER surgery! Again, thank you

Simona V

Hi Adam, I really want to thank you. Since doing the program my muscles feel more relaxed and stronger than ever. I play competitive soccer with TOS and this program has really helped me play more pain free. I will definitely continue this program after my own ailments.


I just wanted to say thank you for your TOS program. In 18 months and countless dollars spent on doctors, PT, massage, yoga, etc your program is the only thing that consistently provides me relief.  

To be honest, if I didn't have this to utilize I would be quite depressed at this point. Yes, it takes a lot of time to do the full routines but I'll gladly do them and I'm so thankful to have them. Your program really is a great resource and I'm sure I'm not the only one who has benefited greatly from it!

Jeff B

What Makes The TOS Challenge Better?

If you didn’t know, TOS is created by having tight muscles or a first rib compress on your nerves and blood vessels, which then creates your chronic pain. And sadly, the only method doctors use to relax these tight muscles creating your compression is exercises and 30 second stretches. THIS WILL NOT WORK… Unless you want to wait 6 months to a year to start feeling results.

So what is the answer?

The answer is to actually massage those tighter areas creating your compression in the first place! It feels like common sense, I know, but sadly most doctors will never consider massaging out the scalene muscles or the pec minor. But a massage therapist will, which is how I found the answer and created my 3R System. 


The first R stands for Release. During this phase of the TOS Challenge, you will learn how to perform the most effective self massage techniques to release the tight muscles creating your compression.

This even works if your first rib is the issue because muscles control bones which means there's most likely a muscle causing the first rib to compress in the first place. Most people see result just after doing this.


The second R stand for Restore. During this phase of the challenge, you will take those muscles you just massaged and stretch them out along with opening up the joints with mobility drills.

This is going to do a few things, it's first going to help your joints return back to their original position, and second, its going to set up the next stage to make it even easier. These stretches are at least 2x as effective because the muscle and fascia is relaxed. If you stretched the muscles without massaging them, then you will be fighting your nervous system and your connective tissue during the entire stretch. Makes sense?


The third R stands for Retrain. During the final phase, you will learn how to prevent your pain from coming back by strengthening the correct muscles. All those muscles you most likely trained with your doctor now have a chance to fire up because they are no longer getting pulled on by the tight muscles in the first place.

And since you just finished the restore phase as well, those muscles are primed and ready to fire up. If you skip all of the steps before this, then you will have a weak muscle trying to get stronger against the other tight muscles in the body.

Here’s the thing, exercise may be King. But if you want to get rid of your TOS in a timely manner, then you also need the Queen
You need both training and massage, which you can only get with the TOS Challenge.

Through diligent muscle stripping and micro movements over the course of two weeks (with morning and evening sessions), I started feeling better. The routine worked and I am now pain-free. I only wish I had found Adam's videos sooner. I plan to continue using his routine to maintain a pain-free status and explore more of his videos for other areas of my body. Thank you, Adam!

Daniel D.

I have definitely learned many new skills and techniques to help improve TOS. I am going at a slower pace than the course so I don’t have my final results yet. I have had some great experiences though. I have had trigger points release and have the pain disappear. The stretches make my neck feel much better. This is a course that teaches you how to help yourself which is a great investment!


I've had two blood clots and now have a chronic thrombus due to scar tissue. I was diagnosed with Venous Thoracic Outlet Syndrome (VTOS), which contributes to some of my pain, irritation, and tension. Despite this, completing the TOS challenge taught me many new ways to reduce my symptoms. It has been the most effective treatment I've had so far!

Steffen B.

About  Adam Villalobos

Adam used to jump out of planes while in the army and because of it, developed pain in his lower back, hips, and more. With nothing but failed results from his doctors, Adam decided to learn about his body and pain. After a few years of studying different treatments like posture correction, corrective exercise, sports massage, and more; he was able to relieve his own pain, improve his mobility, and even feels stronger. He now helps others live a pain-free life and avoid any future invasive treatments.

  • Posture Correction Specialist
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • And More

Adam Villalobos

My boyfriend is very active and somehow always dealing with an injury (lower back, knee, shoulder). He's been to a few massage therapists, PTs and pain management people, and he really likes Adam over his previous person. He was looking for someone to help him loosen and stretch for injury prevention. We will be booking with Adam again for weekly/monthly visits.

Kim T.

Adam is a great therapist and trainer. I have been working with him for several months and have seen improvement in my flexibility and conditioning.

Chad M.

I’m bummed I don’t live in San Diego full time but if you do, go see him. He’s changed my outlook on my hips and pelvic tilt issues and I have a good plan for keeping my strength and flexibility high.

Greg S.

Inside The 21 Day TOS Challenge

The 21 Day TOS Challenge

(VALUE $1000+)

Inside the program, you will receive 9 different treatments that guide you through the 3R system, which aims to permanently eliminate your thoracic outlet syndrome. Additionally, you will have access to 5 different assessments that help identify the source of your compression, allowing you to target it effectively. The program also reveals the secrets to swiftly relieving your thoracic outlet syndrome without resorting to medication or surgery, knowledge that most doctors are not even aware of.

This challenge took me 6 months to complete and took me 5 years to learn. With the skills and knowledge you will gain from this challenge, you will never have to worry about seeing your doctor for TOS again. (This is easily worth a lifetime value of at least $1000, saving you money from doctor visits and multiple surgeries).

Make It Personal Plan

(VALUE $149)

That’s not all though. To help you succeed and make the plan more personal, I have added 9 extra bonus treatments. This extra content is going to teach you how to make the challenge personal for you by finding your muscle imbalances creating your TOS so you can get back to your life much sooner. (Learning how to make it personal with lifelong knowledge is easily worth at least $149)

Direct Contact with Me

(VALUE $199)

Get direct access to me or someone from my team through email while taking the program. This gives you the ability to reach out with your questions or problems so we can help you directly. Our average response time is 70 minutes which means you can move on with your program without getting tied up waiting for a response. (Getting a quick response from me or someone from my team can be valued at $199)

3 Bonus Lessons

(VALUE $179)

Get 3 bonus treatments to tackle the hidden underlying issue, the fascia lines. Fascia is what makes muscles tight and what you will be massaging during the program. But there are more spots that fascia connects and these 3 bonus videos teach you how to work on the fascia throughout the entire body so you can feel loose and free from pain and tight muscles. (Learning which muscles and fascia to work on for your TOS can be valued at $179)

TOS Muscle Mastery

(VALUE $99)

Get quick access to the different techniques you need to be successful. These extra videos give you the ability to find the best massage technique, stretch, or exercise that fits your needs. Having access to this resource for the rest of your life is at least worth $99.

I’m very excited about the results I’m seeing already! My neck feels looser and my arm pain is considerably better with less numbness in my hand. My neck is able to turn easier and I don’t feel like it’s in a vice grip as much any more. I'm only on day 4 so this is remarkable! By the way I’m 63.

Vicki S.

Before the course, I would be in a lot of pain and wouldn't really know how to help prevent that pain or know how this pain was occurring. Since doing the course I have learned so much about my body and TOS, I now know which muscles affect my TOS the most and can mitigate the risk of being bed-ridden in pain! Saying that, since completing the course I haven't taken any pain medication or been bed-ridden!

Abbie L.

I Promise, You Will NOT Find Anything Better Than This

I promise you that this is one of the best challenges for thoracic outlet syndrome on the market today because it combines the best therapies for TOS to get you the fastest results possible.

All together, this challenge can easily cost $1527 and it will still be a great deal with all of the money you will save over the next few months going to failed after failed therapy sessions.

But with today’s crazy inflation, I still don’t believe this is good enough value. So let's sweeten the pot a little bit for you.

Even More Bonuses For YOU!

TOS Trigger Point Guide

(VALUE $49)

Easily locate the trigger points creating your thoracic outlet syndrome with the TOS Trigger Point Guide. By knowing where to work instead of just poking around, you will be able to quickly get rid of your pain so you can get back to your life. This simple guide includes BONUS muscles and trigger points you wont find inside the program. To make sure this was correct, it took me over 3 months to make and cost me over $500 to give you the best images. (Value $49)

TOS Challenge Blueprint

(VALUE $49)

Easily track your progress throughout the program with the TOS Challenge Blueprint. This simple blueprint will make tracking your progress easier so you can easily see how fast you got rid of your pain. (Value $49)

30 Day Foam Roller Flexibility

(VALUE $99)

30 Day Foam Roller Flexibility - Don’t just work on the muscles around TOS, work on the entire body with the 30 day foam roller flexibility challenge. This is a daily challenge sent through email that will guide you on how to release and relax all of the muscles within the body. (Value $99)


Get The TOS Challenge + ALL Of These Bonuses

Not For $1823

One Time Payment

The 21 Day TOS Challenge

The TOS Challenge is a 3 week, online program that walks you through the proper steps to quickly get rid of your thoracic outlet syndrome naturally using the 3R System.

  • The 21 Day TOS Challenge (Value $1000+)
  • Make it Personal Bonus Plan (Value $149)
  • Direct Contact with Me (Value $199)
  • 30 Day Foam Roller Flexibility (Value $99)
  • TOS Challenge Blueprint (Value $49)
  • TOS Trigger Point Guide (Value $49)
  • 3 Bonus Lessons (Value $179)
  • TOS Muscle Mastery (Value $99)
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 60-Days

Fix Your TOS and Boost My Ego Guarantee

You know that amazing feeling you get when you beat a professional at their own game? Well being a sports massage therapist, that’s how I feel every time I’m able to help a client treat their TOS when their doctors failed. And because your success is directly tied to my ego, I truly want you to succeed.

In fact, I know my program is only 3 weeks long, but I want to give you an extra month and a half to go back through the program and try again. Sometimes getting rid of your pain may take a little longer then expected and I want to give you that fair shot.

On top of that, please remember that you have access to my team through email while taking the program which means we can help you with your specific problems or questions.

Now with all of that said, if you still have to go back to the doctors even after going through the program twice and I wasn’t able to help you, then simply let me know at the 60 day mark and I’ll refund every dollar you gave me with no questions asked and a big thank you for letting me try. It may hurt my ego a little bit, but at least we both get to feel a little pain instead of just you.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many sessions do I get each week and how long are they?

You will get 3 treatments each week for 3 weeks. Each session can last anywhere between 30 minutes to 70 minutes.

How are the treatments delivered?

Each treatment is a follow along video for you to copy each treatment.

Is equipment needed to be successful?

Yes, you will need a small ball like a tennis ball, a foam roller, and a mini band or a pull up band.

Will I lose access to my challenge after I complete it?

No, you will have lifetime access to the challenge to complete it as many times as you need.