TOS Trigger Point Playbook

Learn how to find and get rid of the trigger points creating your nervy arm and shoulder pain in just a few days.

Your Personal Guide to Conquering TOS

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Uncover the exact locations of your TOS-causing trigger points with ease.

Seven-in-One Strategies

Unravel the mystery behind different muscle pains like TOS, forward head posture, shoulder impingement, and more.

Empower Your Healing Journey

While you won't receive a formal certification, you'll gain the expert knowledge needed for instant pain alleviation.

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Did you know that trigger point pain can easily migrate to different body parts, mimicking a nerve pain sensation in the hands, arms, and shoulders? Due to their ability to make muscles contract, trigger points can also compress your nerves and blood vessels.

This means that trigger points can not only induce TOS by causing muscle contraction, but they can also simulate TOS-like pain even in its absence.

The conventional solution to TOS involves neck and chest stretches and upper back exercises. But if these strategies fail or worsen your pain, it's highly probable that trigger points are the culprits. Therefore, eliminating these trigger points is key to pain relief.

And this is where the TOS Trigger Point Playbook comes into play.

Certified Therapist


Adam Villalobos

Adam Villalobos is a veteran who overcame physical pain through self-training, and now works as a sports massage therapist and human movement therapist to help others with their chronic pain. 

You'll learn:


Identification of Trigger Points in 15 Different Muscles


Recognition of The 3 Primary Muscles Responsible for Your TOS


Knowledge of 2 Different Pain Scales for Efficient Tracking


Access to 7 Unique Trigger Point Strategies

Plus These Bonuses!

Get these bonuses when you purchase the TOS Trigger Point Playbook.

Trigger Point and Fascia 101

Enjoy complimentary access to the Trigger Point and Fascia 101 course, where you'll comprehend the underlying theory and body mechanisms, transforming you into an expert.

TOS Muscle Mastery

Avail free access to the TOS Muscle Mastery course, where you'll watch video demos on how to release trigger points, empowering you to self-administer with confidence.

Get Your Copy of the TOS Trigger Point Playbook

Only $19 $7