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Go back to feeling half your age without your pain in record time.

Feeling Old SUCKS!

Pain With Every Move

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting out of bed or picking up a toy, everything hurts every time you move.

Breathing Hard Going Up The Stairs

You end up out of breathe and not able to breathe after going up a single flight of stairs.

Feeling Stiff and Tight Everywhere

Everything feels tight, including your head and neck which makes you feel unsafe while driving.

You Don’t Have To Live Like This Anymore

Imagine for a moment…

  • Being able to catch your kids or your 80 pound dog jumping into your arms without worrying about hurting your lower back.
  • Being able to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to go thanks to sleeping throughout the entire night.
  • Being able to make your friends jealous as you easily out-drive them in golf. Or in our case, disc golf.

We know what it feels like to waste time and money going from doctor to doctor in search for an answer and treatment to your pain.

Mike K.

TOS Program

Best money I've ever spent. This program solved my TOS issue after years of different doctor visits & therapy. Also gave me an understanding of what is going on within the body. THANK YOU!


TOS Program

Hi Adam, I really want to thank you. Since doing the program my muscles feel more relaxed and stronger than ever. I play competitive soccer with TOS and this program has really helped me play more pain free. I will definitely continue this program after my own ailments.

Vit P.

Online Coaching

Very professional and detailed exercises. Adam is knowledgeable and his advice is very helpful. I highly recommend this guy!

Meet The Founder of Train And Massage

Certified By

Certified Massage Therapist


Adam Villalobos

Adam use to jump out of planes while serving in the army and as a result, he developed back and hip pain. After trying all of the treatments his doctors gave him with no results, he decided to take his pain into his own hands.

After 8 years of learning different treatments like corrective exercise and massage, he not only fixed his own pain without it ever returning, He has also helped 100’s of others get rid of their pain as well.

  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • Posture Specialist
  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Human Movement Specialist
  • Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • and More

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Here's What People Are Saying About Adam

Jason S.

Sports Massage

I’m an active athlete and have had my fair share of injuries and pain- it’s amazing to be able to address them so I can get back to the sports I love.

Daniel D.

TOS Program

Through diligent muscle stripping and micro movements over the course of two weeks (with morning and evening sessions), I started feeling better. The routine worked and I am now pain-free. I only wish I had found Adam's videos sooner. I plan to continue using his routine to maintain a pain-free status and explore more of his videos for other areas of my body. Thank you, Adam!

Greg S.

Sports Massage

I’m bummed I don’t live in San Diego full time but if you do, go see him. He’s chained my outlook on my hips and pelvic tilt issues and I have a good plan for keeping my strength and flexibility high.

How To Get Started


Book an appointment or start a program thats right for you


Easily apply the techniques you learn from us


Feel half your age without any of the pain coming back

What We Offer

Sports Massage

Have a professional come to your home with a massage tailored to your pain. We use trigger point therapy, sports massage, myofascial release, and more.

Foam Roller 30 Day Follow Along

Get rid of all of the tension in your body using a basic self massage tools in just 30 days. Get 10-20 minute workouts sent to your email everyday that show you how to use a foam roller and small ball release the all of the tight muscles throughout the body.

Online Programs

Start an online program that teaches you how to get rid of your pain by yourself. These programs use a combination of massage, exercise, and more to get rid of your pain for good.

Online Coaching

Work with a coach online and let them build an online program dedicated just for you. These programs will be delivered though our online app. “Coming Soon”

So, What Makes Us Any Different?

I can tell you that we have a special product or a brand new way to treat pain, but that would be a lie.

The truth is: What we do isn't that different from what you might have already tried. We just figured out how to put together the most effective treatments in a way that complements each other for fast and long-lasting results.

You see, the problem is that when it comes to chronic muscle pain, there are several things happening at the same time. You have weak muscles not supporting your body. You have tight muscles creating tension and compression. And you even have joints misaligned, creating arthritis and bad posture.

Yet, everyone else tries to treat your multi-problem pain with just one type of treatment.

  • A physical therapist is only going to focus on the weak muscles
  • A chiropractor will only focus on the misaligned joints
  • A massage therapist will only focus on the tighter muscles

And This Is What Makes Us Different and Better.

We know there are several problems happening in the body at the same time, which is why we treat the body using different therapies that complement each other.

  1. 1
    We first help you quickly feel relief by releasing the tighter muscles creating your tension and pain with different massage techniques.
  2. 2
    We then help you properly align your joints with passive stretches and mobility drills, which is easier and more effective after massaging the tight muscles around them.
  3. 3
    We then show you which muscles to strengthen so it complements the treatment, resulting in stronger muscles that keep the pain away forever.

This is our secret sauce. This is how we are so effective.

And we are happy to share our secret sauce with you so you can have a better understanding of how we can help you or how you can help yourself.

After all, we believe self-care is the best option for treating our own muscle pain. And for us to hide our secret sauce wouldn't just go against our values; but it's just pretty fucking stingy.